A family tradition


At Magog Caskets, the know-how, expertise and devotion to producing a quality product have been passed-on from generation to generation since 1953. Thanks to the loyalty and support of its customers and distributors, this local independent company has established a reputation for dependability throughout Quebec and Canada.


Our philosophy: Honoring tradition

Respect is at the heart of Magog Caskets’ philosophy. It’s closely related to the company’s success. This philosophy is applied first to our employees. We believe that an individual who feels and is respected will cultivate, within the company, a feeling of belonging and a sense of pride. At Magog Caskets, this corporate culture translates itself by concrete gestures where all employees are considered as partners. This positive attitude is carried further yet. It’s the basis on which we do business with our customers.

By choosing the Honoring tradition philosophy, Magog Caskets shows its profound consideration for all the different cultural and traditional aspects related to mourning. You can be certain that at Magog Caskets, people are treated with empathy and consideration.

A trustworthy company

Magog Caskets is a multi-facetted company operating in the funerary sector for over 60 years. Manufacturer of steel caskets since its beginnings, Magog Caskets was able to renew itself by offering new products like wood caskets, and recently columbariums and urns through its divisions Multi Granite Funerary and Privileges Design. All in all, Magog Caskets’ success depends on men and women who share a common goal, a common vision and the same philosophy.

Focusing on service

Like its products, the team at Magog Caskets is synonymous with dependability and solidity. Its mission is to offer you the best in personalized service to meet your needs in a timely fashion.

A vast range of customers

Magog Caskets distributes its products throughout a vast range of customers, from Ontario to Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the North East of the United States.

Quality products

The Magog Caskets, Multi Granite Funerary and Privileges Design teams advocate continuous improvement. The customer receives a product offering all the latest advancements in technology.